Mercedes F1 Unveils Crucial Aspect Driving Their 2024 Championship Improvement

Mercedes F1 Unveils Crucial Aspect Driving Their 2024 Championship Improvement

Mercedes has had to swim against the current at the start of this season but hopes that the Canadian GP will mark a turning point in the championship. They have revealed that a crucial aspect of this progress is a significant internal change.

Winter Work

Pit stops have been a thorn in the side for the Silver Arrows for some time now. In fact, they didn’t even rank among the top 5 fastest pit stops last season. The difference between a good and a bad pit stop can mean several positions in an F1 where strategy is fundamental.

To finally remedy this, during the winter break, they prepared new equipment. James Allison spoke about this: “It’s a full-spectrum effort. If we had used last year’s equipment this year, it would have been impossible,” he indicated.

He also explained the importance of improving the car’s accessibility for the mechanics. “We knew we weren’t competitive with our stops last year, so we put a good amount of effort into the fine details of the car’s corners, so that the wheel nuts and wheels could go in and out more quickly, and with a wider range of errors of application by the gunmen,” he explained.

Importance of Training

Realistic training sessions alongside the drivers have also been crucial. “Once we made the leap forward with the hardware, it was then up to the pit crew, who, besides building the car before race weekend, work every hour God sends them during race weekend. After that, every chance they get, they take the car out and practice,” he said.

“Achieving that amount of choreographed and coordinated activity, which looks beautiful when you see it on TV, doesn’t happen without an enormous amount of practice,” he added.