Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk: Frank Warren Predicts His Boxer’s Victory

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk: Frank Warren Predicts His Boxer’s Victory

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are set to face off this Saturday in Riyadh, with live coverage on DAZN. Promoter Frank Warren has shared his insights on why he believes Fury will emerge victorious.

Frank Warren firmly believes that Tyson Fury is too cunning for Oleksandr Usyk as the two heavyweights prepare to clash on May 18 in Riyadh. Fury, the WBC Champion, aims to claim Usyk’s IBF, WBA, and WBO titles. The winner of this bout will become the first undisputed heavyweight champion since the establishment of the four major sanctioning bodies. Fans can watch the fight live on DAZN.

Fury’s last match, a somewhat disappointing victory in October, saw him narrowly defeat former UFC superstar Francis Ngannou by split decision, nearly tarnishing his undefeated record against an MMA fighter. Usyk’s most recent bout in August 2023 ended with a knockout victory in the ninth round against Daniel Dubois.

The Evolution of Tyson Fury

“I wouldn’t place too much importance on the Ngannou fight,” Warren told Sky Sports, acknowledging that Fury’s last performance was less than stellar. “It was probably Tyson’s weakest showing as a champion. If you look at all his other fights, you can see how he has elevated his game.”

Warren continued, “Tyson was caught off guard in the Ngannou fight, but he did what champions do and fought his way back. He showed a strong chin, recovered, and won the fight.”

Warren is confident that his fighter will return to peak form against Usyk, boxing with the intelligence and cleverness he’s known for. The next logical step in Fury’s development? “Years ago against Klitschko, it was pure boxing,” Warren said. “He went out and taught him a lesson in his own backyard. If you look at his fights after the second Wilder bout, he has changed his style, fighting more on the front foot and throwing more punches. He has taken more hits and been knocked down occasionally, but that’s his new style.”

According to Warren, Fury has proven himself as a puncher. “This notion that he’s not a big puncher is a myth. Look at his record. You only go down if you can’t take it anymore. That’s how he breaks you down. And that’s how Usyk will fall. Fury will beat him at his own game because he is very, very smart.”